Zazen Instructions

Zazen is our physical enactment of Buddha's awareness and caring. By following this physical practice, emphasizing posture and breath, we settle into a space of open awareness that allows us to connect with our true wholeness and inner dignity. This becomes a model for expressing this awareness in all of our everyday activity. Please enjoy your practice.

And please do come attend our Sunday morning Zazen instruction. Arrive by 8:45, except on Sundays when we are doing our monthly sitting. Please check our Schedule. If Sunday mornings are difficult, other times for personal Zazen instruction can be arranged by writing us at [email protected].

Although it is not a substitute for in-person instruction, due to popular demand our guiding teacher Taigen Dan Leighton has recorded Zazen instructions in MP3 audio format. You can listen to the instructions in your browser by clicking the link below. To save the MP3 to your computer you need to right click on the link (or hold the control key and click if you have a Mac) and select "Save link as".

Recorded introduction to Zen meditation in MP3 audio format