No Race in the Woods

Join us on Saturday, June 15, 2013 in the Forest Preserve District of Cook County to enjoy a picnic with friends and family and help support Ancient Dragon Zen Gate. All are welcome to join us!

This is a major fundraising event for Ancient Dragon Zen Gate and will help us fill our budget gap. Volunteers will be running, biking or walking the trails of the forest preserve and they hope to receive "per mile" pledges. All pledges are tax-deductible donations, as we are a federally recognized tax-exempt organization (consult your tax professional regarding deductibility). Our goal is to raise $5,000, which would pay our lease for two months.

Anyone and everyone who wishes to support our organization is welcome. We have reserved a pavilion with picnic tables for people to enjoy. To let us know you will be attending or participating, please email Will: [email protected]

There are four ways you can participate:

1. As a "No Racer"

No Racer participants will be running, biking or walking as many miles as they feel comfortable doing. They will collect pledges as lump sums or for the number of miles they complete. There is no fixed pledge amount. Whether it is $5.00 per mile or ten cents a mile, it all adds up with enough pledges. See our current team of No Racers!

2. As a Pledger

Support this event by pledging to support a No Racer. Let your friends know about the event and ask them to support a No Racer. To support a No Racer, click on a person's name in our team of No Racers; you will be directed to that person's pledge page on the non-profit fundraising service Razoo, where you can securely enter payment information. To see the total amount pledged to date for all No Racers, visit our team of No Racers.

3. As a Picnicker, Nature Appreciater and Cheerer

Attend the event on June 15. Bring your family and friends. Bring picnic potluck food to share. Come and enjoy family games and outdoor activities. Buy and wear an ADZG tee shirt. Take a walk in the woods and breathe the air. You can show up anytime in the morning. We will be arranging carpooling, so let us know if you need a ride!

4. As a Promoter of the event

Put information about this event on your Facebook page or other social media outlet (here's the event page on Facebook). Put up a flyer in a prominent place (flyers are available at Ancient Dragon Zen Gate). Buy and wear an ADZG tee shirt and when someone admires it tell them about the event.

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