Peace and Environment Forum: Clean power in Chicago

The next Peace and Environment Forum at Ancient Dragon Zen Gate will be Thursday, July 22, from 7:15 to 8:45 pm. Pam and Lan Richart will explain the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance and campaign.

Two old coal plants in Pilsen and Little Village are Chicago's largest stationary sources of particulate and global warming pollution in the city. Their emissions are responsible for 41 premature deaths and 2800 asthma attacks every year. A grassroots movement, designed to hold elected officials accountable for making Chicago a safer and healthier place to live, is bubbling up in a number of Chicago's Wards. Pam and Lan Richart will explain the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance, and why a just, immediate response to clean up the emissions from these plants is warranted, and identify ways you can help ensure that the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance is passed by City Council.

Pam and Lan Richart are co-founders of Eco-Justice Collaborative, a Chicago non-profit, advocacy and faith- and conscience-based organization. EJC raises awareness of the impacts of lifestyle choices and public policy on the earth and its inhabitants, and identifies actions to build a more just and sustainable world. Pam is an environmental planner working to preserve and protect open space and natural resources, including in the Transition Towns Initiative in Rogers Park, designed to create a grassroots community response to over-consumption, climate change, peaking fossil fuels, and pollution. Lan specializes in aquatic eco-systems and currently works on a campaign for immediate implementation of measures to transition from coal use to reliance on energy efficiency and clean, renewable, sustainable energy sources.

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate is located at 1922 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago. The Ancient Dragon Zen Gate Peace and Environment Forum is held most months; check for schedule on Everyone is welcome, no pre-registration required, any donation accepted.