Does a dog have Buddha nature? Dogen & the MU koan

One of the most famous Zen koans, or teaching stories, regards whether dogs have Buddha nature, and Zen master Joshu's responses, including the celebrated MU ("Not"). Steven Heine will discuss various interpretations by Japanese Soto Zen founder Dogen and others about this koan about Buddha nature's role for beings.

Steven Heine, one of the most eminent American scholars of both Dogen and the Koan Tradition, has published many fine related books, including Dogen and the Koan Tradition; Did Dogen Go to China: What He Wrote and When He Wrote It; and Shifting Shape Shaping Text: Philosophy and Folklore in the Fox Koan. Dr. Heine is Professor and Director of the Institute for Asian Studies at Florida International University.

Monday, July 19, 7:50 pm, following 7:10 zazen and service
Ancient Dragon Zen Gate, 1922 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago

Part of regular Ancient Dragon Zen Gate programs; all are welcome