Peace and Environment Forum: Dangers of Nuclear Power in Illinois and the U.S.

In the wake of Japan's nuclear disaster, what are the prospects of similar calamities here? Illinois has more nuclear reactors than any other state, including Fukushima-style reactors, with recent potentially dangerous accidents and warnings about poor regulation procedures here and throughout the country. Further, the long-term deadly poison of nuclear waste has no foreseeable solution. Dave Kraft will speak about these realities and the need for change in our energy policies at our next Peace and Environment Forum at Ancient Dragon Zen Gate on Thursday, April 14, from 7:15 to 8:45 pm.

Dave Kraft, director of the Nuclear Energy Information Service based in Chicago, co-founded NEIS in 1981 to provide reliable information about nuclear power and radiation hazards, and energy alternatives to nuclear power. Kraft has served on numerous advisory groups, task forces, and commissions due to his expertise on nuclear safety, waste, and alternative energy issues.

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate is located at 1922 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago. The Ancient Dragon Zen Gate Peace and Environment Forum is held most months; check our schedule. Everyone is welcome, no pre-registration required, any donation accepted.