Ancient Dragon Zen Gate in Chicago holds priest ordination

Taigen Dan Leighton, Dharma Teacher at Ancient Dragon Zen Gate, ordained three new Soto Zen priests in a ceremony on Sunday, October 16, 2011. The ceremony was attended by over 50 people who filled the northside Chicago zendo to celebrate the ordination of sangha members Nancy Easton, Eric Shutt, and Titus O'Brien. Taigen was assisted by Hogetsu Laurie Belzer and Douglas Floyd. It was the first priest ordination at Ancient Dragon Zen Gate since the ordination of Hogetsu Laurie Belzer and Myoshi Roger Thomson in July 2006.

The three ordainees received new Dharma names:

Nancy Easton: Ikuden Eishin, Nourishing Field  Singing Reality
Eric Shutt: Yaku'in Nyozan, Healing Mudra  Suchness Mountain
Titus O'Brien: Hoshiki Keizan, Liberating Forms  Respect Mountain

Following the ceremony, there was a reception at nearby Lincoln Restaurant. Thanks to all the many people at Ancient Dragon who helped with the ceremony and all its preparations. We welcome the three new priests at our temple and look forward to their support for our sangha and beyond.

Ordination ceremony: Nyozan, Keizan, Taigen, & Eishin Ordination ceremony: Keizan, Nyozan, & Eishin
Nyozan, Keizan, Taigen, & Eishin Keizan, Nyozan, & Eishin
Ordination ceremony: Taigen & Keizan Ordination ceremony: Nyozan, Taigen, & Eishin
Taigen & Keizan Nyozan, Taigen, & Eishin
Ordination ceremony: Ordainees put on their robes
Ordainees put on their robes