(Dogen Zenji)

Dogen Symposium

July 12 - 15, 2012
Upaya Zen Center
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Please join Taigen Dan Leighton for this wonderful program happening this summer at Upaya Zen Center! Taigen's presentation will be "Dogen's Humor and Warmth," with examples from Dogen's Extensive Record (Eihei Koroku).

During this unique long-weekend, through his passion for poetry, practice, painting, and interpretations, renowned Dogen translator Kazuaki Tanahashi explores being a clumsy student of a great master. Writer Natalie Goldberg gets us to sit, write, walk in the spirit of Dogen. Taigen Dan Leighton, who has co-translated many Dogen writings with Kaz and Shohaku, offers his insights into the work of a teacher he has spent much of his life studying. Shohaku Okumura, founder and guiding teacher at Sanshin Zen Community and world-renowned Dogen translator, will join us on Saturday and Sunday. Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara, Sensei Irene Kaigetsu Kyojo Bakker, and Sensei Henry Ryu-un Shukman will share their love for Dogen's teachings and help lead us in practices that bring his words to life. For more information and to register, please visit: http://www.upaya.org/programs/event.php?id=770