Lotus Sutra Teachers of the Dharma

Dharma talk by Gene Reeves
Monday, August 13, 7:45 pm, following 7:10 pm zazen

Lotus Sutra scholar Gene Reeves will discuss chapter ten, "Teachers of the Dharma," in this most important scripture of East Asian Buddhism. This chapter includes what Dr. Reeves calls "the radical, crazy, idea in middle of the Dharma Flower Sutra—equality."

Gene Reeves is a noted scholar and practitioner of the Lotus Sutra. His excellent translation The Lotus Sutra is now the standard modern translation. He edited A Buddhist Kaleidoscope: Essays on the Lotus Sutra, and authored Stories of the Lotus Sutra. Dr. Reeves was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Divinity School, and former Dean of the Meadville Lombard Theological Seminary in Hyde Park. He now lives in Beijing and is affiliated with the Rissho Kosei-kai lay Buddhist organization.

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