Ancient Dragon Zen Gate holds lay ordination (jukai)

Taigen performed a lay ordination precept ceremony at Ancient Dragon Zen Gate for five people on Sunday, August 30, 2015. Reflecting the wide geographic range of our community, four of the people are distant participants who come to ADZG for sesshins and other special events. Katie Dudzik is from Chicago; Rick Stravers is from Kalamazoo, Mich; Jenny Obst from St. Paul, Minn; Tyler Francks from Guelph, Ontario; and Melinda Nichols from Cambridge, Mass. They all sewed their own new rakusus (Buddha robes), with help from our sewing teacher Hogetsu. They also received lineage papers and new Dharma names from Taigen.

Katie's new name is Ryukai Anren, Flowing Service Peaceful Lotus.
Rick is Kanshu Renzan, Generous Guardian Lotus Mountain.
Jenny is Chimyo Ninren, Wisdom Light Patient Lotus.
Tyler is Esho Gyokuren, Wisdom Smile Jade Lotus.
Melinda is Yakusho Kanren, Healing Birth Observing Lotus.


pictured are Katie, Rick, Jenny, Taigen, Tyler, and Melinda