iCalendar and RSS/Atom feeds

Our website gives you a couple of different ways to stay up to date with Ancient Dragon Zen Gate.

RSS/Atom feeds

RSS and Atom are formats to make distributing news easier. We provide RSS and Atom feeds for our sangha news. This allows you to keep current with ADZG using Firefox, MyYahoo, Google Feeds, Bloglines, or any of the other news reading program or service that understands these formats.

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate RSS Feed

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate Atom Feed


iCalendar is a format for sharing calendar information over the Internet. This site has iCalendar versions of our sangha schedule as well as Taigen's teaching schedule. Copy and paste the following links into an application that supports the iCalendar format like Apple iCal or Google Calendar.

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate Sangha Schedule

Taigen Dan Leighton Teaching Schedule