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As we emerge locally from the COVID-19 pandemic, the ADZG Board of Directors has been following city, state, and CDC public health guidelines and formulated a policy for in-person dharma events. These conditions will remain ADZG’s policy for any public indoor events that are held in
the name of ADZG, until this policy is changed by the board.

1. Assuming that the event includes someone who is capable and willing to monitor an
online connection during the retreat, registration will be offered to those who wish to
participate online.
2. Unvaccinated persons will be asked to attend online, and not in person.
3. Upon arrival, all in-person participants will enter wearing a mask, and sign their
agreement to this policy.
4. All in-person participants will socially distance throughout the event, whenever
5. All in-person participants will wear masks during chanting, and chant books will be
distributed by one of the leaders prior to the arrival of participants.
6. Doors and windows will be left open and fans left running throughout the event, for
7. If food is going to be included in the event, participants will bring their own.