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Guiding Teacher Report (Taigen) 

  • Practice commitment period proceeding – 24 people including Taigen
  • Next Sunday morning Stephen Heine will be giving remote talk about Hongzhi 
  • 3 day sitting at the end of practice period 5/17-5/19
  • Taigen will be offering a few seminars during the year – perhaps in October
  • Otherwise will be doing online teaching 7/20 and 8/10 for SFZC
  • Dylan – we did extend Taigen’s contract through 5/31 with an email vote
  • Very momentous occasion in American Zen – ADZG would not be here without Taigen.

Treasurer’s Report (David)

  • David will send one next week to be incorporated into the minutes
  • David dealing with a lot of Stripe support issues related to getting our account verified
  • Dylan – much thanks to all involved in getting our tax letters put together and mailed out

Transition Committee – Taigen Proposal 

  • Everyone on the board was sent the memo related to a transition proposal
  • Once transition ironed out, question was how to thank Taigen for everything he’s done and present him with an appropriate gift while still being financially sound for the sangha
  • Brian gave feedback on language on proposal 
  • At this point the non-board members left the meeting
  • Votes
    • Board voted unanimously to approve this gift to Taigen
    • Board voted unanimously to approve new 75% rate for seminars and classes
  • Discussion on timing for dispersement 
    • Board approves doing it as soon as possible
  • Taigen at this point asked if there were any qusestions for him
  • Taigen said he has been leading ADZG for 17.5 years.  He is glad Hogestus is going to be carrying this on.  He led a group in the Bay Area – Mounstain Source – which is still going on which amazes him.  His biggest hope is that Dragon continues.

Transition Committee – Hogetsu Proposal Update

  • Dylan – we are agreed and united on all items between committee and Hogetsu
  • Not ready to have to board yet, but feel good about progress
  • Request of convening an extra board meeting end of April or early May and expect to have language done in next week or so. Can be sent to board to digest
  • Also propose to the board that the director be a paid position to give Hogetsu administrative support.
  • Both items would be voted on in the follow on board meeting
  • Hogetsu expressed her gratitude to everyone involved especially the transition committee. Hopes that this is a founation for future teachers as well.
  • Dates for the transition ceremony
    • Original date of 6/23 doesn’t work Eishin and Hogetsu surveyed officers and 6/9 now the only date that worked

Board Support for Transition Ceremonies

  • Save the date 
    • Website Mike will put on website
    • Paperless post invite to list including names from Taigen
    • Dylan feels good being the point person there
  • Include in the May sangha announcement
  • Setup
    • Party tents outside
  • Modified a mountain seat ceremony that still needs to be clarified
  • Can do some local items and also ask sangha members to contribute
  • Hogetsu and Dylan meeting to discuss plan for after June 1 since Taigen won’t be in charge

Promotions Committee (Mark)

  • From last meeting we discussed outreach – eg go to universities, etc
  • This needs to be done with the guiding teacher, so put on back burner until Hogetsu in her position
  • Discussion on delaying a bit until we get more information on metrics
  • Taigen raised our relationships with the University of Chicago and other potential university connections

Website Update (Kevin) 

  • Kevin indicated that Google analytics is working again.  
  • He and Mike connected and will have more information next meeting

Techno Update – microphone

  • Has not been purchased yet, Dylan will do it
  • Jordan is a new ADZG member with an IT background who is also looking to get involved. Dylan will follow up with Jordan and Simone.

Date of next meeting: 

  • 5/11 @ 8am – Kevin sent out invite.