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Archival Talks

Dear Ancient Dragon folk:

These are challenging times. We are facing a pandemic that does not care about our place of birth, our ethnicity, our gender, or what we do for a living. It is a good time for us to support each other, and embrace our deep connection and responsibility to this earth. How we respond now to this challenge can be a gift to future generations and to ourselves.
As Ancient Dragon Zen Gate activates as an online sangha for an undetermined amount of time, we will be providing selections of podcasts to all on a weekly basis to provide dharma steadily. We are never actually alone. In addition to livestreams of Sunday morning Dharma talks, we are offering Ancient Dragon talks from our deep archive. Please enjoy these talks.
Taigen Dan Leighton, Ancient Dragon Zen Gate guiding teacher

Week Three - Unfolding Wise Hope

Week Two - Learning To Be At Home

For our second trip through the Ancient Dragon Zen Gate podcast archives we have a theme of “Learning to Be At Home.” In addition to a talk given by one of Ancient Dragon’s priests and retired Urban Conservation Director at Chicago’s Field Museum, Gyoshin Laurel Ross, we would also like to share talks given by Tenshin Reb Anderson, senior Dharma teacher at San Francisco Zen Center and at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center (as well as Taigen’s teacher), and Joanna Macy, an esteemed environmental activist, author, scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology. A new book just out about Joanna’s work, “A Wild Love for the World: Joanna Macy and the Work of Our Time” (Shambhala) includes a chapter by Taigen, “Buddhist Being Time and Joanna Macy’s Deep Time.”


Week One - Responsibility We Share to the Earth

Our first archival selection includes a theme of the responsibility we share to the earth. In addition to a talk by our Guiding Teacher Taigen Dan Leighton, we have guest teacher talks by renowned writer Rebecca Solnit, who was a student of Blanche Hartman at S.F. Zen Center, and also by Florence Caplow, Zen priest in Suzuki Roshi’s lineage, Unitarian Universalist minister in Champaign, IL, and also a trained conservationist.