Special Events & Classes

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RENEW AND RECONNECT QIGONG & MEDITATION RETREAT – Saturday, January 25, 2020 @ 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

The retreat is a combination of Qigong and Sitting & Walking Meditation. No technology. There are scheduled breaks. Email info@ancientdragon.org to register.


CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION – Sunday, January 26, 2020 @ 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

This morning’s program will include a Children’s event and our special Chinese New Year ceremony led by Eishin Nancy Easton. This will include a Children’s event. During zazen there will be children’s activities available in the kitchen, then children will join in walking meditation and the celebration of Chinese New Year in the zendo, this year for the Year of the Rat. Afterwards we will have informal discussion and treats in the zendo. Everyone welcome. Click the event link for more details.


ORIGAMI PEACE CRANE FOLDING  – January and February 2020 Dates
Sun 1/26/20       12-1pm (after tea)
Mon 1/27/20      6-7pm (before zazen)
Thurs 1/30/20    5:45p-6:45p (before zazen)
Sun 2/16/20     12-1pm (after tea) 
Mon 2/17/20      6-7pm (before zazen)
Thurs 2/20/20    5:45p-6:45p (before zazen)  

We are supporting the memory of the 120,000 Japanese American Buddhists who were interned during WWII and addressing the current suffering of migrants and refugees in our country through participating in a national peace crane folding project,   We are meeting monthly in the kitchen at ADZG to work together folding origami cranes to support efforts of Japanese-American Buddhists and American Buddhists to bear witness to the current internment of migrant and refugee children and families and promote humane and fair treatment of migrants crossing at our southern border. Our hope is to fold 10,000 paper cranes and create crane banners that will travel to an action in Washington DC in June 2020.

All are welcome and no experience is necessary!
Instructions and paper will be provided.You are also welcome welcome to fold cranes on your own and drop them off at the temple.  Here is a link to crane folding instructions:  https://www.duncanryukenwilliams.com/folding-paper-cranes

Through May 2020, we will gather together typically during the 4th week of each month during the hour before our regular mediation events on Monday and Thursday evenings and after regular meditation events on Sunday mornings.  Meetings will be posted in our calendar and on our Insta and FB accounts. Contact Beau or Hogetsu for more information.