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Weekly  Practice Opportunities

A MESSAGE TO NEW FOLKS: We strongly encourage everyone new to our temple or to meditation to participate in an Online orientation to our temple style and meditation at our online Sunday morning 8:45 am Meditation Instruction, accessible by the Online Zendo button on our homepage.  If Sundays do not work for you, please send a request to for a personal arrangement for meditation instruction and orientation.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of prior experience in meditation, and no preregistration is required. Although our regular weekly events are free and open to the public, we gratefully invite donations to support our offerings.

Here are descriptions of our weekly-recurring practice offerings in our Online Zendo via ZOOM.

Sunday Mornings
8:45 am:  Meditation Instruction*
9:30 am:  Zen Meditation (zazen)
10:00 am: Kinkin
10:10 am: Dharma Talk and discussion

Sunday mornings begin with meditation instruction at 8:45 am (*) for people without prior Buddhist meditation experience or for those who wish to become familiar with our temple style of practice.

At 9:30 am, we offer a thirty minute period of zen meditation (zazen) that is followed by ten minutes of kinhin and a Dharma talk and discussion at 10:10 am. The 9:30 am Zen meditation and 10:10 am Dharma talk are always open to the public, even when there is a special meditation event.

After the dharma and discussion, there is the option to participate in a brief period of socializing.

* Please note that there will be no meditation instruction on Sundays when we have special sittings. Consult the calendar for details.

Monday Mornings with Douglas Floyd
7:00 am: Zen meditation (zazen)
7:35 am: chanting of Heart of Great Perfect Wisdom Sutra and Ecosattva Vows.

Monday Evenings
7:00 pm:  Doors open
7:15 pm: Zen Meditation (zazen)
7:45 pm:  Service
8:00 pm:  Dharma Talk and discussion
8:45 pm:  Tea and cookies in-person

Monday evenings we sit one thirty minute period of zen meditation (zazen) and then conduct a brief service in the Soto Zen style which includes the chanting of traditional Zen texts. A Dharma talk and group discussion are followed by informal chat.

Tuesday Mornings with David Wray
7:00 am: Zen meditation (zazen)
7:35 am: chanting of Heart of Great Perfect Wisdom Sutra and Ecosattva Vows.

Tuesday Evenings – Meditation and Recovery Program
7:00 pm:  Doors open
7:15 pm:  Meditation and Recovery Program

Our Meditation and Recovery program occurs every Tuesday, 7:15 – 8:30 pm. This weekly meeting features sitting meditation followed by discussion to support those in recovery from addictive substances and behavior patterns.
For information contact Michael Soter via
Everyone is Welcome, regardless of prior experience in meditation. No pre-registration required and any donation will be accepted.

Wednesday Mornings with Gerrie Griffin
7:00 am: Zen Meditation (zazen)
7:35 am: chanting of Heart of Great Perfect Wisdom Sutra and Ecosattva Vows.

Thursday Mornings with Hogetsu Laurie Belzer
8:00 am: Zen meditation (zazen)
8:35 am: brief teaching reflection and check-in.

Friday Mornings – Meditation in Decolonizing Consciousness, led by Dylan Toropov
8:00 am: Zen meditation (zazen)
8:30 am: sharing of reading from a BIPOC author and/or group discussion on anti-racism.