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Temple Leadership and Committees

Many dedicated people actively work in various ways to guide and support Ancient Dragon Zen Gate

ADZG Temple Officers

Taigen Dan Leighton
Guiding Dharma Teacher

Eishin Nancy Easton
Tanto (Practice Director)

Gerrie Griffin
Ino (Head of Meditation Hall)

David Wray
Head Doan  (Assistant to Ino)

Alex Bernstein
Director (Temple Administrator)

Ko Carol Laursen & Debra Callahan
Assistant Director

Michael Evans
Tenzo (Head of Kitchen)

Sophia DeVita
Assistant Tenzo

Eve Pinsker
Work Leader

Kathy Bingham
Assistant Work Leader

David Wray

Michael Evans
Website Manager

Dylan Toropov
Jisha (Teacher’s Assistant)

Promotions Committee

Wade Wheatley and Alex Peltz, Chair

Howard Ruan
Michael Evans
Ed Donley
Alex Slagg
Matthew Vogel

Audio Dharma Talk Coordinator

Reuben Kaller

Interfaith Action Committee

Alex Peltz, coordinator

LGBTQ+ Dharma Group


Sangha Care Committee

Sara Lytle
Matt Vogel
Kathy Bingham

Fundraising Committee

Dylan Toropov, Chair
Douglas Floyd

ADZG Board of Directors

Taigen Dan Leighton, Dharma Teacher
Wade Wheatley, President
Alex Bernstein, Director
Beau Golwitzer, Secretary
David Wray, Treasurer
Ko Carol Laursen
Sara Lytle
Dylan Toropov
Reuben Kaller

Program Committee

Eishin Nancy Easton, Chair
Douglas Floyd
Taigen Dan Leighton
Laurel Ross

Weekday AM Zen

Monday – Douglas Floyd, Coordinator

Tuesday – David Wray, Coordinator

Wednesday – Gerrie Griffin, Coordinator

Thursday – Hogetsu Laurie Belzer, Coordinator

Friday AM Zazen and Discussion on Decolonizing Consciousness and Anti-Racism

Dylan Toropov, Coordinator

Meditation and Recovery Meeting

Reuben Kaller, Coordinator
Jason S.
Bob Callahan

The Ethics and Reconciliation Committee

Gary Wilson, Libby Bachhuber, Kathy Bingham, Nyozan Eric Shutt, & Gerrie Griffin
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