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Supporting Membership

Anyone who wants to assist us can become a supporting member of Ancient Dragon Zen Gate.

Our ability to continue to provide a place for meditation and Zen
practice depends on your support and participation.

Become a Supporting Member of Ancient Dragon Zen Gate

It is our hope that everyone who finds that Ancient Dragon Zen Gate is supportive to their life and practice will participate in its financial support in whatever amount is workable for them. And in order to be able to plan ahead for covering known expenses, it is most helpful when that financial support comes from Supporting Members in the form of a commitment to a recurring pledge.  Committed, regular contributions by Supporting Members enable us to bring the practice of Suzuki Roshi and Dogen Zenji to our wonderful, international community.  In addition to local participants, many of our Supporting Members live far from Chicago.

How to become a Supporting Member 

We know that this practice benefits many beings amid the difficulties of our world, and not just in obvious ways. We invite anyone who is interested in Soto Zen practice to join us as a Supporting Member by pledging a recurring monthly or annual donation of any amount.   Payment may be made on a monthly recurring basis or as an annual recurring donation.

Any amount is a valuable contribution. As you reflect on what you can afford, we ask you to consider the value of practice and sangha support in your life, and how much you can manage in order to help sustain our practice and community.
Then, go to our DONATION page and select either Monthly or Annual Supporting Donation and you will become a Supporting Member!

Once you submit your donation through your credit card, your card will automatically be billed for the amount that you specified on a monthly (or annual) basis. Your recurring pledge be may be raised or lowered at any time as circumstances change through contacting us.  
Please contact us at if you have any questions about giving or a specific donation.

Benefits of being a Supporting Member of Ancient Dragon Zen Gate

Supporting Members are the financial foundation of our Temple and benefit others through a some of the many activities grounded by the generosity of Supporting Members:

Pay the rent and utilities for our Temple
Provide a modest income for our Guiding Teacher, Taigen Dan Leighton
Offer Dharma Podcasts and Taigen’s teachings to the world
Subsidize participation in our retreats, workshops and classes – all fees are voluntary sliding scale donations

Supporting Members are entitled to regular dokusan with Taigen Dan Leighton.

Supporting Members help determine the direction of our sangha and the means of expressing our ideals through eligibility to elect (and, if elected, serve on) our board of directors.  Please note that to elect and/or serve on the Board of Directors, Supporting Members must have current dues paid for three months prior to Board elections.

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. A copy of our IRS Determination Letter is available upon request.  Please speak with a tax professional should you have any questions regarding the deductibility of any donation.