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Guiding Teacher report: 

– There appears to be a new meaning of sangha in this post-pandemic time, which includes both in-person and online participants. It is one hybrid sangha, and we have strong  practitioners in both. Online participants are now approximately a third of our monthly  supporters. We need a good core in-person sitting group, but ADZG offerings should not be biased for or against either online or in-person participants. 

– Gerrie Griffin has been appointed the new Ino; many thanks to outgoing Ino, Dylan Toropov – Staffing issues: we need suggestions of names to recruit much-needed doanryo, Zoom hosts, new Director/President (by end of year), Fundraising Committee 

– Hogetsu Laurie Belzer will receive dharma transmission in May from her teacher in Asheville  NC. She will give a dharma talk on Sunday May 29, and we will have a reception for her on Sunday June 5, at Eishin’s house 

Treasurer’s report:  Our bank balance as of 4/10/2022 is $103,583.08. Our ongoing monthly expenses are approximately $5,210/month. Our new building fund as of 4/8/2022 is $245,748.19. We have 61 active supporters representing $2,797/month pledged, out of a total of 62 pledged supporters. 

Guiding Teacher Agreement: At a special meeting on April 7, the board drafted a new version of Taigen’s letter of Agreement. The new Agreement includes the provision of alternate forms for in-depth practice that will be offered in place of sesshins and Practice Commitment Period, which are not  possible in the rented space we are using. Those alternatives are to be created by Taigen in collaboration with the Practice Leaders, and will continue until a suitable location is acquired that will enable the sangha to return to traditional forms.  

Reimbursement of Participants at Branching Streams Conference: Those in Shunryu Suzuki’s lineage are invited to this conference every 2 years. The current one will be held in Austin later this month, and Douglas Floyd, Gerrie Griffin, and Paula Lazarz will represent ADZG. In discussion, the value of sending members to this networking opportunity was expressed, as was the hope that we might continue to offer reimbursement in order for participation not to be limited to those who can afford the expense. It was therefore decided to contact the participants and offer to reimburse expenses for travel and the conference, letting them know they are welcome to accept either all, or a portion, of the offer. 

Temple Search Budget Committee: The committee is currently engaged in determining the feasibility of both purchasing and then owning a building, by projecting initial and ongoing expenses and income requirements. They are considering properties that offer rental income opportunity. Part of this initial work involves exploring the kinds of buildings that are available in appropriate neighborhoods, their selling prices, and their ongoing expenses. 

Ebenezer Church Practice Location and Integration of Online Participation: The “balcony” location at Ebenezer seems to be working out well as an interim space for in person practice. The main challenge is staffing for more Zoom hosts. Some discussion took place around the possibility of re-arranging the seating in order to take advantage of the long and narrow space, allowing better sight-lines for a camera and/or projection. The Ino was  encouraged to experiment with this.  

Sangha Care Committee: The committee is considering re-activating the Dharma Buddies. They wonder if there could be any kind of mobile bulletin board in the practice space for notices and a sign-up sheet for Dharma Buddies. The board discussed this, and determined that placing a sign-up clipboard near the entrance might work for activities that are announced.