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Guiding Teacher report

  • Jukai June 18th at 2 pm – conducted by Taigen and Nyozan 
    • Jukai recipients are Alex Peltz, Wade Wheatley, and David Wray 
    • There will be a Zoom offering
  • Upcoming Guest Teachers – Gaelyn Godwin, Brook Ziporyn, and Peter Coyote 
  • Plan to do a five-day Rohatsu in December 

Temple Search Report

  • Dylan has been meeting once a week with Paul and, separately, Taigen 
  • The goal is to find a broker to help us find the appropriate property and loan 
  • To be voted: Upon securing a loan or commitment sheet, the board authorizes Dylan to make an offer for a new temple location. This comes with the understanding that offers are non-binding and may be rescinded after a process of due dilligence. The offer is subject to final board approval. 
    • Vote: One abstention and seven approvals 
  • Wade expresses gratitude to Dylan for their hard work 

Sangha Care Committee

  • The goal of the committee is inter-sangha outreach 
  • They are liasing with Taigen for a list of names of people to be reached out to 

Promotions Commitee

  • Commitee is focusing on social media and web 
  • The commitee suggests that the newsletter be retooled  
  • The committe wants to get flyers generated 

Afghan Refugee Family in Chicago

  • Alex reports that several folks have expressed interest in helping  

Date of next Board meeting June 11th at 2:00 pm