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Taigen reported that upcoming guest speakers will include Kokyo Henkel and Steven Heine. Taigen is preparing for an upcoming seminar on Dogen (October 3) and an interview for a documentary film on death and rebirth in Japanese Buddhism.

Dave Doerksen will retire after 7 years as our Treasurer, and a new person for that position is being sought. Many thanks to Dave!

Current bank balance is $81,326, similar to last year at this time. 61 active supporters represent $2,788 in monthly pledged income.

The Temple Search Committee reported great news – a $120,000 gift towards a new temple space, and a $40,000 towards building that space out for our use! This committee is also reviewing information gleaned from respondents to a recent survey about a new location. And two potential temporary rental spaces have been identified for in-person gatherings; more information about those will be forthcoming. 

A special Sangha Meeting on Sunday Sept. 12 is scheduled, and will include results of our recent survey, as well as information about our Temple Search and Fundraising processes. 

Other reports to the board included the committees for Sangha Care, Technology, Promotions, and Social Action and Interfaith activities.