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Thanks were given to Matt Vogel, outgoing director, for his time of service on the board.

There was discussion about technical improvements in audio that might be realistically made for the benefit of online participants in sangha events. The microphone will be placed closer to the speaker, and the speaker will be asked to repeat questions and summarize comments from in-person participants. Overall, for many participants the hybrid model still feels awkward and fragmented. The experience is not yet as unifying or smooth as it is when all are present in person, or all are present online. That’s just part of the reality of doing a hybrid approach with volunteers and relatively low tech. This is new for us, and we’ll learn and improve as we go.

Our bank balance is $96,276, and the past month has shown a net inflow of $16,296, including two year-end matching donations totaling $15,000.
We have 68 monthly supporters currently giving $2,758 per month.

On the new Temple Search process, we are happy to report major current capital gifts or pledges! This will go a long way towards a down payment on the purchase of a new space. Next steps: projecting a monthly budget that will include realistic monthly payments on mortgage, taxes, and insurance; a real-estate search; a floor plan for build-out; and a capital campaign to complete funding.

The board discussed Covid protocols, which need to be updated as the landscape around infection, viral strains, and immunizations evolves. These updates will include a plan for responding when an in-person participant informs us that they received a positive Covid test result shortly after attending a sangha event in-person.