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Transition Report (Hogetsu) 

  • Hogetsu, after reflection and discussion with Sangha members, feels that the proposed Co-Guiding Teacher position would not be comfortable for her. 
  • It is essential to honor Taigen and to mark his stepping back.
  • Hogetsu wants to be a spiritual leader, and if she were to do this at Ancient Dragon, it would give her the rights and responsibilities as a Guiding Teacher. 
  • The board will need to support any ceremonies that would take place 
  • The board will need to define the transition timeline, to support Taigen and Hogetsu in the transition process.
  • Hogetsu proposes that the two ceremonies happen on the same weekend 
  • The PCP is March 24 to May 19, 2024.
  • It would be appropriate for the board to write up job descriptions for the Teacher Emeritus and the Guiding Teacher