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Techno Report (Simone)

  • Simone put together a packet with proposed improvements and suggests a microphone purchase for $500 to $700
  • Reuben expressed concerns that the microphone will sit on the floor and pick up extraneous sounds
  • Wade suggested checking in with regular Zoom attendees 
  • Vote to approve $750 for the purchase of a new microphone passed unanimously.

Bylaws Update (Wade, Douglas) 

  • Douglas proposed changes to the by-laws, specifically to Article 3 
  • If there is an addition of a Co-Dharma Teacher, the existing members of the board will go from seven to ten and the Co-Dharma Teacher will become a member of the board 
  • The Dharma Teacher and Co-Dharma Teacher are the exceptions to the rule of board members not receiving compensation 
  • Article 13 changes: Dharma Teacher, Co-Dharma Teacher and Senior Dharma Teacher – both will be ex-officio members of the board 
    • That the Dharma Teacher appoints successor 
    • This successor may begin to share responsibilities immediately, which makes them a Co-Dharma Teacher 
    • Last section introduces the idea of a Senior Dharma Teacher 
  • The Dharma Teacher and Co- would agree on the split of responsibilities, disagreements will be resolved the board.
  • Compensation will be established in the Engagement Agreements 
  • Vote to make changes to the by-laws passed unanimously.

Guiding Teacher Report (Taigen) 

  • Taigen sent out a detailed account his activities as Guiding Teacher
  • Taigen and Hogetsu will both be leading the Rohatsu sesshin
  • Taigen will lead a PCP in the Spring 

Rohatsu Sesshin (Taigen, Hogetsu) 

  • Several people are signed up for all five days 
  • People are welcome to sign up for any or all days on-line 
  • All morning dharma talks are available on-line
  • Slightly over $4,000 from this sesshin 

Remaining 2023 Schedule (Taigen, Hogetsu)

  • Two students sewing rakusu on two dates in December  
  • After Rohatsu, we’ll have a new Sunday every six to eight weeks for Metta meditation and a dedication for world peace
  • We are continuing our bodhisattva remembrance ceremonies 
  • On the 31st, there will be a New Year’s Eve program 
  • On the first of January, it will become the Year of the Dragon, we will have a sangha brunch, along with zazen, and also a temple leaving or farewell ceremony for Wade  

Leadership Transition (Taigen, Hogetsu, Wade)

  • We sent out ballots to 67 supporters, and 50 votes were returned.
  • Votes were unanimous 
  • Next steps are to write up the employment agreement and have in place by first of the year 
  • Wade suggested he send an email the voters, and he is happy to take guidance for further announcements 

Co-Guiding Teacher Compensation (Wade) 

  • The compensation committee (Alex, David, and Ko) suggests we offer a monthly amount for January, February, and March that would be more of a token of appreciation, rather than regular compensation 
  • Taigen’s contract starts in March is due to knowing better the results of the Year End fundraising campaign 
  • Hogetsu was willing to have the first three months without compensation, but the committee decided this would not be appropriate 
  • Taigen  independent contractor and stipend is the appropriate term – he is employed, but not an employee and that will continue to be the arrangement, unless there is a major change 
  • The committee came up with $1,000 after hearing from Hogetsu. The committee will meet with Hogetsu to further discuss details. 

Fundraising/YEL (Alex) 

  • Many people assisted, special thanks to Dylan and Taigen for writing YEL
  • Mailed 230 copies 
  • Dylan, Amber, Gerrie, and Hogetsu helped prepare the mailings.
  • Dylan, as Assistant Director, will be responsible for sending out thank yous and tax letters – in January and after January

Treasurer’s Report (David)

  • Byline Bank checking account balance as of 12/3/2023: $90,934.74 (up $10,939.65 from $79,995.09 on 9/30/2023
  • Since September 30 (previous Treasurer’s Report), we have had outflows of $12,627.74 and inflows of $23,567.39 for a net intflow of $10,939.65
  • Ongoing monthly expenses (approx. $5,970/mo., slightly up from $5,962/mo. in previous report):
    • Teacher parsonage: $4,256
    • Rent: $900
    • Storage and insurance: $425
    • Webmaster: $250
    • Zoom: $14
    • Mailchimp: $125
  • Notable other expenses:
    • seminar commission       $234
    • PO Box                              $166
    • rakusu and okesa fabric $166          
  • ADZG’s ongoing expenses + “notable other” account for over 95% of all outflows since the previous board meeting.
  • Byline Bank Money Market balance as of 12/3/2023: $263,238.85 (up $1,803.20 from $261,435.65 on 9/30/2023)
  • Since September 30 (previous Treasurer’s Report), we have had no outflows and inflows of $1,803.20 (two months of interest income at $888.39 and $914.81).
  • MONTHLY SUPPORTERS: We have 62 active supporters representing $3,943 in November, up by $135 from October.
  • David proposes alternative to paying for storage
  • The board/sangha does not have a credit nor debut card. Proposal was made to launching a campaign to 
  • The PO Box is in Wade’s name, with the six-month lease coming up 
  • Mike will have Wade’s PO Box key 

Board Elections and Presidency Vacancy (Wade, Beau, Taigen) 

  • Wade and Sara’s slots are up – Mark Splitt and Kevin Iverson will run 
  • Wade will send out ballots to give people two weeks
  • Wade will not be the President and Board Chair 
  • Beau has offered to take up that role of the President 
  • Thank you to Sara and Wade for their service to the board 

Sangha Care Committee (Sara)

  • Sara will pass along the documents 
  • Sara’s sense in its current form there’s not the bandwidth to sustain it 
  • Wade suggests that we activate on an ad hoc basis
  • Sara is happy to stay on the committee as the contact person  

Promotions Committee (Taigen) 

  • Mark Splitt, Sophia, and Simone are interested in participating in committee development
  • Wade expressed that promotions have improved by posting more

Health and Safety Protocols (Hogetsu) 

  • Flu season is escalating
  • Hogetsu will test prior to events 
  • Taigen asks if there is anything in our health protocols which is new, and there is not