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Welcome to new and returning board members – David Wray, Ko, and Dylan

Guiding Teacher report

  • Lincoln Square zendo
    • Going well, big improvement over previous 
  • February all-day sitting will have a maximum of 18 attendees
  • Practice Council meeting
    • Either 1/31 or 2/1
  • Prospective Practice Commitment Period 
    • April 2nd to May 26th 
    • Two proposed topics – either environmental dharma or Vimalakirti Sutra
      • David Loy will be doing a three-day seminar during what would be the practice period 
      • Matt Streit has been working with Joanna Macy and has offered to do a Saturday afternoon workshop 
  • Upcoming Guest teachers
    • February 5th – Florence Caplow
    • March 5th – Steven Heine 
  • June Tulsa Conference
    • Taigen will be attending this conference with Steven Heine and Brook Ziporyn for the second Bob Dylan conference 
  • Sangha Meeting – February 26th 

YEL Fundraising Letter Report

    • Received a total of approximately $33,000, which includes matching funds at $15,000 
    • This accounts for 53 people who have made donations
  • $10,300 has been specifically ear-marked to the building fund
  • Difference between $19,000 and $7,800 in terms of donations between the last two years, minus the building fund 

New Temple Search Committee Report

  • Temple Search Committee is searching for a commercial building, for which Ed came up with a template, which would include a ground floor zendo space and then residential spaces above 
  • Three geographical areas, defined especially by being a ½ mile walk from Red or Brown Line 
  • The board would need to approve any purchase 

Sangha Care Committee

  • Debra C. will be joining the Sangha Care Committee 

Promotions Committee

  • Volunteers needed for Promotions Committee

Valley Streams Zen Sangha refugee sponsorship

  • Alex reports that Valley Streams had hosted an Afghani family who came as refugees to the U.S., and now the family are relocating to Chicago
  • Alex proposes to reach out to Valley Streams and see if the family want to be in touch  
  • Motion passes 

Date of next Board meeting – March 5th at 1:30 pm, to which all members of the sangha are invited to attend