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Guiding Teacher report

  • Upcoming guest teachers – Brook Ziporyn (July 30), Peter Coyote (TBD), Gaelyn Godwin (TBD)
  • Jukai – June 18th scheduled for 2:00 pm 
  • Taigen giving on-line talk July 23rd at Houston Zen Center

Sangha Care Commitee

  • We will do an hour Zoom tea, on an upcoming Friday or a Wednesday
  • Dylan proposes one Sunday in July that childcare could be provided for
  • July 9th is set as a pilot date

Promotions Commiteee

  • Alex is continuing to attempt to get Ancient Dragon’s address listed with Google
  • Mark Split has offered help with Promotions

Building Purchase Discussion

  • Huntington Bank backed out of mortgage due to the current guarantor living outside of Illinois
  • Finding a replacement guarantor(s) needs to be done quickly 
  • Paul reported that nothing in the inspection report seemed a deal-breaker
  • Formal closing date is the week of July 31st, which is when we become the outright owner of the building 

New business 

  • None

Date of next Board meeting August 13th at 2:00 pm