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Sangha Meeting Recap

  • Themes: desire for people to connect with other practitioners, particularly for online folks, and to volunteer more to be part of the sangha, the desire for more information of this body and the finance folks, and temple search, lingering concerns about how we are prepared financially to take that on
  • Proposal: Ancient Dragon will host no fewer than two sangha meetings per year
    • Vote passes unanimous 

Guiding Teacher report

  • Jukai – June 18th, Alex Peltz, Wade Wheatley, and David Wray
  • New positions – Assistant Tenzo Sophia Devita, Assistant Work Leader Kathy Bingham 
  • New Temple Search Coordinator Dylan Toropov, while being supported by Paul Discoe

Practice Commitment Period

  • Alan Senauke and Dale Wright will be speaking during the PCP 
  • Tea will be served during the April 2nd sitting
  • March 18th – Matt Streit will be leading a Joanna Macy event 

Election of new Treasurer

  • Gratitude to Angie for her hard work in her role as Treasurer
  • Gratitude to David Wray for being willing to step into this role 

Approval of Building Search Coordinator

  • Dylan has agreed to this role 

YEL Fundraising Letter Report

  • If we take out the building and matching fund, there is a relatively small difference

Fundraising Committee

  • Alex sees himself as taking over a lot of the fundraising duty, and the transition took place in the middle of the YEL campaign 

Promotions Commitee

  • Sophia Devita, Amber Ramos, and Simone Salis are working on this now

Afghan Refugee Family in Chicago

  • Valley Streams in Sacramento has been helping family 
  • The family relocated to Chicago, for a potential job offer, but the job did not come through.  
  • Wade proposes to reach out to folks who might want to volunteer

Revisit Mask Policy for In-person Events 

  • Proposal: Keep all Covid precautions the same, with the exception of no longer requiring a mask for in-person events
    • Vote passes unanimously 

Renew Guiding Teacher Contract

  • Taigen has been looking for new facilities – he would like to have more time to study 
  • Contract renewal passes unanimously

Date of next Board meeting April 30th at 2:00 pm