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Branching Streams Recap (Wade, Reuben, Douglas)

  • Wade discussed how he enjoyed wide-open format of conference. Some common themes included engaging younger sangha. 
  • Other themes included training new leadership and training new leadership
  • Reuben enjoyed the community of people cooking and participating together. Other participants were very complimentary of our sangha and thought we were doing a great job. He also discussed a wonderful session he attended on neurodivergency and sanghas. Reuben expressed appreciation for financial support from ADZG so he could attend.
  • Reuben noted that creating an “off-ramp” to provide for full-time clergy in retirement is a social equity issue and necessary for recruiting new, younger full-time clergy who are just considering entering this life.
  • Wade suggested we could improve youth outreach through making meditation instruction more accessible. Reiterated that we needed a community space outside of zendo, that kitchens at LS zendo not sufficient.

Guiding Teacher Report

  • Trip to storage space was with purpose of making LS Zendo more welcoming space
  • Dogen’s Extensive record seminar, 10/21
  • Sugaki ceremony, 10/29
  • 11/2 Norman Fisher gives talk online

Leadership Transition Process (Taigen, Hogetsu)

  • Sangha leadership transition proposal document
  • Suggested sangha meetings will be held on October 15th, and November 19th followed by balloting in larger sangha.
  • Wade proposed: October 15th for sangha meeting to discuss new guiding teacher with sangha. Followed by special board meeting on October 22nd.  Wade offered to facilitate. Discussion followed about whether Taigen/ Hogetsu should be present. David offered that sangha members could email and
  • 10/15 sangha meeting proposed by Wade, passed unanimously. 
  • Second vote proposed by Taigen for 11/19 sangha meeting
  • October 22nd scheduled for special Board meeting @2PM, special executive action, not open to public.
  • Taigen discussed proposal to forming board committee to discuss compensation and report back to board. 
  • Vote to create Board Exploratory Committee to investigate pay structure for teaching for upcoming years. Proposed David Wray, Alex Bernstein, and Ko Carol Larsen, and to discuss with Hogetsu and make proposal to board. 

Fundraising Efforts/YEL (Taigen, Alex, Dylan, Hogetsu)

  • Wade suggested setting targets or challenges for fundraising goals, encouraging people to increase their monthly donation totals.
  • Wade remarked a Branching Streams sangha posts expenses in a public way, in order to encourage donations.
  • Hogetsu expressed appreciation for creative ideas, but suggested they be incorporated in a comprehensive plan.
  • Fundraising committee reviewed (Alex, Dylan?) Hogetsu said she could be on the committee in the future in 2023, and suggested considering hiring a consultant.

Board Committee Staffing (Taigen)

  • Taigen suggested we needed to be clear about who was serving on committees and chairs to keep them going.

Sangha Care Committee (Sara)

  • Could be pared back and only activated when sangha members need support
  • Not much bandwidth for additional programming.
  • Mainly needed on an ad-hoc basis.

Tech Report (Wade)

  • Simone has provided some hardware upgrades and ideas on further improvements.
  • Some improvements impact zendo layout, so will need to be run by practice leaders.

Board Elections (Wade, Taigen)

  • We will have two open board seats next year.
  • Ballots get send out early December and counted toward the end of the month.

Bylaw Updates (Wade, Douglas)

  • Douglas will be working to update language to include co-guiding teacher.
  • Will use this chance to review all the bylaws.