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The board approved the rental of temporary space for weekly in-person practice. It will be at Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Andersonville, on Foster just west of Ashland. Start date for Sunday mornings and Monday evenings will be November 21.

The Temple Search Committee continues its work of planning for a permanent home, including location, space needs, and fundraising.

In Taigen’s report, he spoke of the success of his recent Dogen seminar, and how he plans to offer 4 such 1/2-day seminars next year.

Taigen’s article on Dogen and Nature is coming out soon as a chapter of a book; new translations of his books are coming out in different languages.

The Treasurer reported a bank balance of nearly $80,000; no notable expenditures have occurred since the board’s meeting in August.

Dave Doerksen has retired after 7 years as Treasurer, and Angie Vaughn was appointed by the board to replace him.