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Some major decisions were made at this meeting, denoting progress as we move forward as a sangha:
1. The board approved the offer of Hogetsu Laurie Belzer to rent the first-floor unit in her building to Ancient Dragon for use as an interim temple location until such time as Ancient Dragon is able to relocate to a purchased or long-term rental temple space (watch for more on this later).
2. Wade Wheatley was elected as President of the Board of Directors, effective when Douglas Floyd steps down on or before the end of this year.
3. Following Brian Taylor’s resignation as member of the board and Secretary, Alex Bernstein was appointed to serve as an interim board member and Beau Golwitzer was elected as Secretary for the board.
Many bows to all for their service on the board, and to Hogetsu for making this new interim space available for the next chapter in our sangha’s life!