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Louts Sutra, chapter 25

Listen to the deeds of Kanzeon (Regarder of the Worlds Sounds):
Aptly responding in every quarter,
Who with immense vow deep as oceans,
Throughout kalpas beyond reckoning,
Has served many billions of Buddhas, Bringing forth this great pure vow
Hearing the name or seeing the form of Kanzeon
With mindful remembrance is not vain,
For thus can be erased the woes of existence.
Even if someone with harmful intent
Should push you into a great fiery pit,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power,The pit of fire will turn into a pond.
If floating on a vast sea, Menaced by dragons, fish, or demons,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power, The billowing waves cannot drown you.
If from Mount Sumerus lofty peak, Someone were to hurl you down,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power,Like the sun you would hang in the sky.
If pursued by evil men, Down from a diamond mountain,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power,They could not harm a single hair.
If surrounded by vicious bandits, Each wielding a sword, set for assault,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power,At once their hearts will be turned to compassion.
If, subject to persecution from dictators, You face torture and execution,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power,Their weapons will thereby shatter to pieces.
If imprisoned in shackles and chains, Hands and feet bound in restraints,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power, Suddenly you shall be released.
If by curses or poisonous herbs, Someone wishes to hurt your body,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power,The harm will rebound to its initiator.
If you meet evil goblins, poison dragons, or various demons,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power, None will dare do harm.
If surrounded by raging beasts, With sharp fangs and dreadful claws,By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power,They will quickly scatter in all directions.
If venomous snakes or scorpions,
Threaten with noxious, flaming breath,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power,Upon hearing your voice they will turn and depart.
If clouds thunder and lightning strikes,
When hailstones fall, and it rains in torrents,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power, Instantly they will dissipate.
When living beings suffer hardships, burdened by immeasurable woes,
The power of Kanzeons wondrous wisdom
Can relieve the suffering of the world.
Fully endowed with miraculous powers,
Widely practicing wisdom and skillful means,
In every land in all directions, in no realm does Kanzeon not appear.
In all the various evil destinies,
Of hell beings, hungry ghosts, and animals,
The sufferings of birth, old age, sickness, and death,
All are gradually erased by Kanzeon,
Whose true regard, serene regard, far-reaching wise regard,
Regard with compassion and loving kindness,
Is ever longed for, ever revered.
Unblemished, serene radiance; Benevolent sun, dispelling all gloom,
Kanzeon can subdue the wind and fire of woes,
Clearly illuminating all the world.
The precepts of compassion roar like thunder,
The kind heart is wondrous as great clouds,
Pouring Dharma rain of sweet dew,
Quenching all flames of troubling passion.
When accused by lawyers in courts, Or terrified amid soldiers in combat,
By mindfully invoking Kanzeons power, All hostilities will be dispersed.
The wondrous voice of Kanzeon,
Pure as Brahma-voiced sounds of the tides,
Surpasses all sounds within the world,
Therefore ever keep it in mind. In each thought with never a doubt,
Kanzeon, the pure sage, in pain, agony, or deaths distress,
Can provide a sure support. Fully endowed with all virtues,
Eyes of compassion behold all beings,
Assembling a boundless ocean of happiness.
Thus, with reverence, bow in prostration.